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Our Team

Get to Know the Faces behind DMV Petri Dish!

Ulisses Santamaria

Founder, President

Ulisses is a scientist who has conducted research in a variety of fields. He previously conducted vision research, basic neuroscience research, ALS research, HIV research, and COVID-19 research. In addition to traditional scientific training, he also holds an undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Virginia and a Master’s in Biotechnology from The Johns Hopkins University, and has spent over 10 years working and studying in clinical settings alongside doctors and nurses.

Mohamad Alayouni


Mohamad is a biotechnologist with experience in drug development, cancer research, synthetic biology, and disease testing. He has strong interests in developing scientific interest in the general public and sees the future as a place where everyone can do science for their benefit at home. He is a graduate of George Mason University and is currently a graduate student at The Johns Hopkins University.

Alexandre Sathler


Alexandre is an aspiring neuroscientist, synthetic biologist, and entrepreneur, he aims to combine strong soft skills with expertise in cell biology, bioinformatics, and neuroscience. He is a graduate of Oregon State University.


Matthew Zamora


Matt is a web developer, technologist, and serial entrepreneur. He has served as an advisor to many entrepreneurs and non-profits in the DC Area. He is also a longtime advocate of the do-it-yourself culture, and has been highly involved in makerspaces for many years. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park.

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