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What is DMV Petri Dish?

As a non-profit, DMV Petri Dish fosters innovation in the DC metro area by injecting research, education, and startup development into a powerful community of inventors, scientists, developers, investors, non-profits, and biotech companies. We foster innovation in our community by harnessing the grassroots energy from the plethora of local technology enthusiasts and connecting it to established biotech insiders that work at some of the nation's most venerated research and development institutions.


Our method of 'vertically integrated' incubation develops new ideas from start to finish. We develop passionate community members from all walks of life into scientists and entrepreneurs. We expand the skillsets of existing professionals so they may pursue their dream projects. We provide our community with the tools and opportunities they need to take their ideas from the backside of a napkin and into the real world. 

Our Work:

We offer:

  • A community of scientists, inventors, and tech enthusiasts

  • Presentations on a variety of topics in science and tech

  • Regular meetups for people to work and network

  • A transparent and helpful community of minds to help build your ideas

It's in the name.

The DMV Petri Dish name derives from the standard scientific equipment name “Petri Dish” or a plate made to culture (grow) various microbes such as yeast and bacteria. DMV is an acronym for DC, Maryland, Virginia and is a popular slang term to describe the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

The philosophy of the DMV Petri Dish is reflective of the real outcomes of various microbes when combined together in a single dish. In a Petri Dish, a group of a single origin bacteria or yeast are referred to as a colony. We aim to become a collective of colonies representing different inventor and investigator groups in the D.C. Area. The preferred outcome of placing multiple colonies (groups) in a single dish is to observe interactions (collaborations) and crossbreeding (intergroup projects) develop over time. The intended results of these collaborations and crossbreeding is to have unique and innovative projects, develop a sense of self-assurance in members, and have fun while doing science and activities. We will also grow into a startup pre-incubator environment where we work to create an environment to help the person out there working on the next big thing in their garage, living room, or basement!​

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