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Our Volunteers

As a non-profit, DMV Petri Dish relies heavily on its community members in the development and implementation of current and future offerings. Volunteering is the easiest and best way for you to help our mission.

At Petri Dish, we seek to develop mutual relationships with our volunteers. The benefits your volunteering provides to the organization are obvious and invaluable, but the organization also seeks to help volunteers with your career development. As such, our volunteering opportunities are hand-tailored to ensure you are fulfilling your goals as you help us fulfill ours.  

Further Links

Here's the various ways you can get involved!

  1. Follow us on Linkedin

  2. Join the Discord

  3. Come to an event

  4. Volunteer to join one of our committee teams

    • Pitch Labs​

    • Grants and Fundraising

    • Biomakerspace Development

    • Media, Engagement, Advertising, and Design (MEAD)

  5. Propose a collaboration event with your meetup group, company, or nonprofit

  6. Propose a grand project

  7. Donate

    • Money via Paypal (coming soon)​

    • Used Scientific Equipment

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