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Our Philosophy

Your Side Projects are Our Passion

We are guided by our philosophical "Borromean Doctrine," while the name is pretty fancy, it's pretty simple. It shows how side projects relate to the usual things we relate to innovation and shows how those pieces of innovation relate to each other.  Lastly, we have nine simple statements that showcase what we mean.

Borromean Doctrine Diagram


  1. Side projects are educational as they can teach or build skills in people.

  2. Side projects involve or require research and may become research projects.

  3. Side projects may become startups.

  4. Education influences research.

  5. Research is needed to start a startup.

  6. Startups have developed their own body of education.

  7. Research changes education through discovery.

  8. Startups often contribute to research.

  9. Education inspires startups.

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