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  • Side projects may become startups.

  • Startups have developed their own body of education.

  • Startups often contribute to research

"It's how Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook all got started. None of these companies were even meant to be companies at first. They were all just side projects. The best startups almost have to start as side projects, because great ideas tend to be such outliers that your conscious mind would reject them as ideas for companies."

- Paul Graham

  Founder, Y Combinator

The side projects to startup pathway is an often overlooked aspect of startup development. We understand the people need help the most for their startup not when it's a startup, but when it's a side project. 

We offer different resources to those wishing to take their side projects to the startup level over time.


Through the Petri Dish Network, you have access to a variety of makerspaces throughout the DC area. These spaces offer open nights where aspiring entrepreneurs can receive technical advice on their projects, find potential co-founders, and use equipment to advance their side projects.


See our community page to find in-network organizations with makerspaces.


Pitch Labs

Pitch Labs is DMV Petri Dish's entrepreneurial community in the DC area that aims to provide resources and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and innovators. We wish to build a stronger, more vibrant start-up community in our area. We do this by hosting events that allow local founders and entrepreneurs to present their work in a supportive environment that is enriching for both our speakers and our audience.

Director:  Kaan Türkmen

Regular Meetings: Thursdays @ 7:30pm

If you're interested in helping or presenting:

Contact Email: or

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