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Tenets Side projects involve or require research and may become research projects. Research is needed to start a startup. Research changes education through discovery. Research is an important part of any side project, being able to find process new information, record new things that happen during your side project, and being able to explain what happened happened are important skills to know.  ​ ​ We offer opportunities for members of the public to engage in scientific research to learn these skills or apply these skills to new topics of interest. ​ We use a process known as the "Grand Project" format, a system to help these larger scale side projects move forward. If you are interested in starting a grand project in our community, download our guide to see if it's right for you. 

Neurofibromatosis Working Group

Our neurofibromatosis group is an award winning workgroup that was born from the 2022 Hack4NF competition. After winning an incubation prize, this group has continued their work to find new therapies for Neurofibromatosis and has worked with a variety of supporters in academia and industry. 

Director: Matt Zamora

Time Active: 11/2022 - 12/2023


Check out the first ever scientific research article published with MoCo Makers, HacDC, and DMV Petri Dish!

Title: Drug Responses in Plexiform Neurofibroma Type I (PNF1) Cell Lines Using High-Throughput Data and Combined Effectiveness and Potency

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