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Our Discord: An Enhanced Experience

While you can attend our events, work on projects, or meet people from around the area. If you only see them every so often, how can you make sure that what you talk about actually leads to something? 

Our Discord server was the first answer to this question. We built this server as a way to make sure that we can stay in touch and make notes about the things have been doing. In our Discord server you will find:

  • A network of people interest in science and technology from around our area

  • A place to find even more events that are of interest to you

  • Spaces to have discussion on various topics online

  • A place to ask questions about Petri Dish and beyond

  • A online workspace to see what we are cooking up next in the area

  • Summaries, documents, photos, and videos about the various things being done at Petri Dish.

So use the widget below to make an account and join in!

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